At The Los Angeles Art-house Film Festival our goal is to search and pay tribute to those indie film makers and writers who do not always receive the notoriety they deserve. LA ART HOUSE takes pride in not falling victim to the tainted politics that some of the more commercialized film festivals engage in. Submissions are judged with an open mind and the names attached to the project do not enhance it’s chance of being a success in our festival. Films will be assessed by multiple award winning producers, directors, actors and writers. Awards will be given out among the 8 categories followed by several screenings. We look forward to a great season of LAAFF!

“Mansions on the Moon”

Directed by: Choz Belen & Steve Nguyen

2016 short film winner  “4am Redmond & Meda”

Directed by: Rodrigo Lopresti

“After the Fray”

Directed by: Matthew Harrison

“Lovesick Fool- love in the age of like”

Directed by: Dominic Polcino

“Afternoon is Night”

Directed by: Blake Varga

“Double-Blind No.1”

Directed by: Zenon Kohler

“Being Dennis”

Directed by: Trish Sie